7 Unnecessary Fears I Had About College

Nervous about college? Don't be

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What did you really expect when you went off to college? It’ll be the first time you’ll be moving away from a confining everyday routine and strict schedule you had to follow throughout high school. Are you nervous about college? All your focus was on working on your grades and SAT scores or aptitude tests to get into the college of your choice. You look forward to the weekend in the hopes that you can actually stretch yourself a little and go out and have fun.

You were so used to this routine, that breaking out of it can seem downright scary. You’ll be laced with feelings of excitement, nervousness, and anxiety. But, you need to move on with your life whether you like it or not. Don’t be nervous about college. Here are the things I guarantee you that nobody told you about college, and how in the end it’s just alright.

Way More Time Alone

You’ll be spending way more time alone than you thought. There’d be the pressure of deadlines, early lectures, and snagging in just those few hours of sleep. You’ll be spending more time alone than you ever did throughout high school, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Alone-time is great for de-stressing after a long day of classes, or to really focus on a project without distractions.

Empty Weekends

There was once a time where you went out every weekend. In fact, your weekends were in such demand that you had to pre-schedule some events a week or so in advance sometimes in order to make sure you got everything done which you were looking forward to. Now, you’ll be looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday and also having time to work on papers and projects, and catch up on reading, and not be disturbed by class time.

Nervous About College and Missing Friends

You’ll miss all your old friends, who went off to different colleges and different countries as well. You’ll try to stay in touch with them all and start looking forward to those reunions and trips which you’ll only end up planning at least once or twice a year, whereas before you used to spend basically every weekend together. Try setting up a Skype schedule or sending them a funny article on Facebook. There are plenty of ways to keep connected.

Making New Ones

Making new friends might sound intimidating, especially since you’d rather just have your old friends back by your side–but don’t worry. College is the perfect place to find new best friends from all different sorts of backgrounds. Whether they’re your roommates, classmates, co-workers, or teammates, you’ll meet lots of new people in college and lots of potential friends.

Nerve-Racking Pressure

College can be scary, and downright intimidating. But you’ll be surprised by how quickly you’ll start getting used to it. Sure, there’ll be ups and downs and there will also be times when you’ll just be completely fed up of everything around you. You’ll want to just throw away everything and quit–stick with it, though. We know you can make it. Organize and keep on top of your projects and you’ll find things more manageable.

Finding the Right Career Path

Don’t be afraid to admit it to yourself. You’re still unsure where you’ll be heading off to after completing your studies. You’re not even sure whether the major you’ve chosen is the right one for you and if it’d grant you the professional fulfillment you’re looking forward to achieving. Never feel discouraged. It always takes a few jobs and further studies to get to the career path which is just right for you and you’ll feel absolutely passionate about. Don’t expect to know everything now. You still have a long way to go.

Time to Pursue Hobbies

You won’t have as much time to pursue your hobbies and interests as you would like. But that’s also nothing to worry about. Right now, your main goal will be to write papers and study for tests and beat all those deadlines. Focus on your professional development now because there are plenty of rewards later! But also remember that a great part of college is participating in clubs or activities. Maybe there’s an organization on campus that’s all about your hobby! Hard work is important, but taking a break and doing fun stuff is too.

Everyone is working hard to reach a better place. Everyone is investing in their time and effort into becoming someone. It might seem that people have their lives more “together” than you do, but the truth is, everyone is just as nervous about college as you are. You have no reason to doubt yourself or lower your self-esteem in any way. Everyone has their own pace of things and they take different routes to reach a place. Some might be longer and some might be quicker. But never think for a moment that “it’s just not worth it.” You never know that until you try and give it your all.

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