11 Educational YouTube Videos That Will Blow Your Mind!

Here are some educational videos that will blow your mind

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With the latest advancement in technology, it is now easy to record a video and post it on YouTube Channels. The network has proved relevant for the educational environment and most educators have created millions of educational videos that can be used for educational purposes. Both teachers and students can use these educational videos for research purposes and individual learning.

So, which are the best educational YouTube videos that are worth checking out? Here is a list of the top 11 best educational videos.

 1.   The True Science of Parallel Universes

This is a short and simple video about Physics that presents three distinct multi-verse models which are:

  • Bubble universes or baby black universes.
  • Membranes and extra dimensions
  • The many worlds picture of quantum mechanics.

2.   What Your Body Does in 30 Seconds

My friend John Backman from Essayontime strongly recommends to watch this video. He says, that it will totally change the perception about your own body.

Our body are machines and they never rest completely. We are constantly performing several body functions from thinking to producing new blood cells every second. So, what exactly happens in 30 seconds?

  • You will think about 25 thoughts
  • Your eyes will blink 6 times
  • You’ll exhale 0.3g of Carbon Dioxide
  • The heartbeat 36 times
  • You breathe in and out 8 times
  • Your body produces 72 million red blood cells and more

Seems like a little time, but the body utilizes the 30 seconds very well.

3.   What If the Sun Disappeared?

This video is based on Albert Einstein findings. What would actually happen if we lost the sun? The first thing that would happen is that Earth and all other planets would go flying off the space. We would be left in utter darkness and the earth’s ocean would become even colder, eventually freezing over.

4.   Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind Pt. 1

What are some of the amazing facts that will blow your mind? This video gives an insight of some of the major facts that you need to check out. Some of them include;

  • There is enough water in Lake Superior to cover both North and South America in one foot of water
  • An atom is around 99.99% empty space
  • Every ten years, all cells in your body have been replaced
  • Cleopatra lived closer to the moon landing than the building of the Great Pyramids

5.   Is Your Red the Same as My Red?

Perhaps this question has occurred to you either once or several times but does everyone view colors in the same way? In this video, Vsauce tries to explain that color is an illusion created inside our heads in a process called Qualia.

6.   10 Amazing Science Tricks Using Liquid!

If you are a fun of science tricks, this is the video to watch. It contains 10 of the most amazing science tricks that can be done with a liquid. You get to see how a curved bottle with water can start a fire, how filling a glass bottle with glycerin and submerging it in the same solution makes the glass appear invisible, and more.

7.   Three Ways to Destroy the Universe

Experts say that all things must come to an end. So, does this include the universe? This video looks at the current theories that include three scenarios for the end of the universe. These include Big Rip, Heath death/big freeze and Big Crunch and Big Bounce.

8.   The History and Future of Everything-Time

So a team of awesome experts teamed up to create this amazing video on the history and future of everything. The video talks about time as a factor that makes sense in small pieces. But when it comes to huge stretches of time, it’s almost impossible to understand everything at once.

9.   The Truth about Gingers

Hank Green explains the concept of red hair beginning with its genetic underpinnings to the most popular myths that surround the redheads in The Truth About Gingers. Is there any truth to the theory that there is an incoming “ginger extinction”? Watch to find out!

10. The Fermi Paradox

Come to think of it, where are all the aliens? We have always seen in movies the existence of aliens, but do they exist in real life? Have they been wiped out a long time ago? Or most humans do not understand their motives. Whatever the answer, it is important to know the truth. Find out the facts on this video.

11. Which Came First: The Chicken or the Egg?

So, most of us have been pondering on which came first-the chicken or the egg. This video takes a crack at this curious conundrum. Some ask if the chicken came from the egg, so where did the egg come from. This mystery is unfolded in this video.

YouTube is probably the best educational resource for any student or teacher around the globe. It has made teaching and learning easier since with a variety of educational videos for free. These eleven are the most mind-blowing that will enable you to understand more in your learning journey.

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