The Many Benefits of Studying Abroad During College

Students looking at the magazines during study abroad fair.

Flickr user USF SLE

College is the perfect time to try new things, broaden your horizons, and prepare for your future. After your first couple of years as a student, you may want to spread your wings even further. You may feel the urge to step outside of the culture you’ve always known, and see the world!

Studying Abroad

One excellent way to take your college experience to the next level is to study abroad. Studying abroad is life-changing, personally and academically. Students often return home with a broader worldview, better social skills, and more flexibility. They even tend to get better grades than they did before going abroad!

Studying abroad also has dozens of career benefits. For example, research has shown that 64% of employers value international experience. In addition, former study abroad students earn 25% more than their peers who did not study abroad—according to a University of California, Merced study.

In case you need more convincing on why studying abroad is an excellent choice for any college student, check out the colorful infographic below. It’s full of fun and interesting facts about the benefits of studying internationally.

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