7 Unique College Clubs

College is all about exploring your personality and finding your tribe. We think your best bet to do so is to join clubs that match your unique interests. Whether you love to read or rock climb, paint or calculate differentials, there is certain to be a club out there for you. Here are 7 examples of unique kinds of college clubs on campus you can join.

Quidditch Club

College clubs - Quidditch club

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Part intramural sports team, part fan club for all things Harry Potter, Quidditch Club is sprouting up at colleges such as Ohio University and Indiana University. It is a total hit with those who grew up reading the books and wanting to play the sport made famous by the series. There are even national and worldwide tournaments for teams that really take it seriously!

Skydiving Club

College clubs - Skydiving club

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Is your ideal club one that gets your adrenaline pumping? We can think of no better option for you than a skydiving club! University of Michigan’s got the Wolverine Skydiving Club and Miami University has the Dropouts. All you need to get started is an adventurous spirit and a lack of fear of heights.

Culinary Club

College clubs - Culinary club

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We love cooking shows, so we’re total suckers for clubs that celebrate all things food and fine dining. No worries if you have zero cooking skills. University of Central Florida’s club will teach you the basics while giving you one-on-one with experts.

Knitting Club

College clubs - Knitting club

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Knitting, looming, and crocheting is one of the best ways you can relax and create all at the same time. That’s why we are totally wanting to join up with clubs like Columbia University’s Gosh Yarn It club which meets to both make and talk all things yarn.

Happiness Club

College clubs - Happiness club

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There have been a ton of studies out there about how to be happier, and a lot of it seems to involve being with others who share your interests. How about a club that celebrates that while spreading joy around campus? Northwestern’s Happiness Club is a good place to start with their mission to “Make people happy!”

Assassins Club

College clubs - Assassins club

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Part club, part game, the Assassins Club (or Society) is made for students who want to add a little (imaginary) danger in their lives. The rules are simple. You are assigned a target and given a weapon (such as a squirt gun). Your job is to take your target out without being hunted yourself! Just don’t get carried away with this one, as some universities have taken disciplinary actions against over-the-top players in the past.

Re-Enactment Club

College clubs - Re-enactment club

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History majors (and enthusiasts) will love playing dress-up and recreating historical moments to the finest details in organizations like Rutgers University’s Medieval History and Reenactment Club. From food, dress, speak, and crafts, you’ll get a kick stepping out of current times and into a vividly recreated world of the past.

Don’t See College Clubs You Like? Make Your Own!

Maybe you couldn’t find some of these clubs at your campus or future school. But have no fear! If you can find a few friends that want to join up and a staff or professor to be your supervisor, you can pretty much create any club you want! Learn more about the process to create a college club or organization at OCM!

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