5 Great Gifts for Nursing Majors

Heart rate with text: gifts for nursing majorsDo you know someone in your life who is training to become a nurse? Whether it’s for the holidays, their birthday, a graduation party, or you just want to do something special for them, there are plenty of unique ideas to get as a present, including these five nursing gifts.

Nurse Nutritional Facts Mug by ThisWear

ThisWare nursing gift mugNurses will work hard, odd, and long hours. That means they’ll need a lot of caffeine. You absolutely can’t go wrong with a mug! And this one speaks the absolute truth when it comes to nurses. The Nurse Nutritional Facts Mug by ThisWear lists several assets that nurses are known to carry, including skill, passion, caring, and more. Holding 11 oz and microwave and dishwasher safe, it’s sure to be one mug that gets them through the long study nights and, later, the long shifts.

Syringe Pens and Highlighters by BestGrew

BestGrew syringe pens and highlightersThese pens from BestGrew are certainly unique! Shaped like syringes, these pens and highlighters are sure to get a laugh. And if used at work after they graduate, all the other nurses are sure to be asking where they got it from! The set comes with 4 pens (black ink) and six highlighters (purple, orange, blue, green, yellow, and pink). Perfect for taking study notes as a student, or jotting down info as a bona fide nurse. 

I Got the Beat Heart Plushie by I Heart Guts

I Heart Guts heart plushieThis nursing gift is truly heartfelt. This heart-shaped plushie by I Heart Guts is sure to get a reaction! A happy heart, it measures 10” tall by 8” wide and 4” think. It will most likely earn the star spot right on their desk while they study for their next test! Good to squeeze when venting frustration or celebrating. I Heart Guts has a whole lineup of anatomically correct(ish) body parts. Such as: brain, tooth, kidney, lungs, neuron, stomach, uterus, gallbladder, thyroid, and plenty more. 

Heartbeat Nurse Socks by Prestige Medical

Prestige Medical heartbeat socksHeartbeat Nurse Socks are also a great gift idea! From Prestige Medical, they are white with red lifelines across the design. They’re made of cotton and nylon and measure 9.5” by 4” by .5”. They are absolutely a design they probably won’t be able to find anywhere else and can be a cute addition to their wardrobe during their college years and beyond.

Nurse Coloring Book by Adult Coloring World

Nurse coloring bookNursing and training to become a nurse can be stressful, and coloring is a great activity to get a bit of relaxation in. As an added bonus, this one was made just for them! A Nurse Coloring Book from Adult Coloring World, it contains relatable problems a nurse is sure to face during any work day. The book has 40 great designs.

There are plenty of amazing gifts for nursing majors out there. These five are absolutely sure to get a laugh! Which one will you be getting the nursing major in your life?

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