5 Floor Lamps for College Dorms

Let’s face it—those ceiling fluorescent lights that are standard fixtures most dorm rooms are just plain ugly. They do nothing to add to the ambiance of the room and are not the ideal lighting. These 5 floor lamps look great in any dorm and also offer great lighting to help you see well enough to accomplish all your tasks.

Brightech Sky LED Upright Lamp

Brightech Sky LED floor lampsSleek, simple, and unique, the Brightech Sky LED Upright Lamp doesn’t take up any floor space at all, making it perfect for a smaller dorm room – and for larger dorms too. The “sky” portion of this floor lamp contains a super-bright 30-watt LED lamp. The lamp is flexible and dimmable, so you can adjust the brightness to provide just as much or as little light you need. The sturdy, safe and minimalistic design means you can put this lamp nearly anywhere and it will be unobtrusive while providing great light.

IKEA Holmo Floor Lamp

Ikea floor lampsThis lovely lamp from IKEA is minimalist yet practical. It has a pastel hued rice paper shade, which gives it a beautiful, simple look. Its 46-inch height is perfect for studying, adding a little extra light for reading, or just giving a soft, welcoming glow to your dorm room or apartment.  

Brightech Litespan Adjustable Floor Lamp

Brightech Litespan LED floor lampsThis lamp is so minimalist and unobtrusive that no one will really notice it, but they’ll know they can see better in a room when you switch on your Brightech Litespan Adjustable Floor Lamp. This floor lamp feature 6000K of natural, non-glaring light. You’ll be able to see fine details, whether you’re working on a piece of art or reading the fine print in that apartment lease you’re thinking about signing. It comes in a 5 different finishes and is designed to blend in with any décor so even if you love redecorating your dorm room, you won’t need to buy a new floor lamp.

Adesso Trinity Arc Floor Lamp

Adesso Trinity Arc floor lampsThis unique lamp is a real conversation-starter. The Adesso Trinity Arc Floor Lamp has three arms with individual shades so you can read without straining your eyes. Its design makes it perfect for placing in a dark corner. You can choose from two finishes – antique bronze and satin steel and a variety of shades. You don’t have to make do with a dark corner. Brighten it up with this lovely floor lamp.  

LIGHTACCENTS Medusa Floor Lamp

Light Accents MEDUSA Kids floor lampsChannel your inner B-52s fan with this retro-fab, colorful floor lamp that is aptly named Medusa. You can’t help but smile when you see it. Color not your thing? There’s a plain white option too, but we think the colorful one is more fun. Perfect for dorms, and first apartments too.

Find your light in the darkness with one of these great lamps.

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