Why Fall Is A Great Time To Visit Colleges

Fall is often hailed as the best time to visit colleges. So what makes fall the optimal season? The overriding reason is that it gives you a chance to visit the campus when school is in session, instead of visiting a ghost town during the break.

A path winding through autumn trees, with leaves on the ground.

Visit Colleges While School is in Session

Visiting a campus when school is in session allows you to sit in on a class or two so you experience the teaching style firsthand and you also see the rapport between the professor and the students. Does it feel good to think that you will be one of those students next year or do you dread the thought?

Talk to Current Students

You also get to talk to and ask students on campus and feel the vibes at that particular college. Does the ambiance feel upbeat and lively or do the students look highly stressed? Do the students appear to be quirky and artsy or are they serious and competitive? Whichever it is, do you think that is a good fit for you?

Stay Overnight

Once you’ve nailed down the date of your visit, it is a good idea to make advance arrangements to stay at the dorm overnight. After all, this is going to be home away from home for the next four years. Observe the other dorm residents away from the academic facilities. Do you see yourself being happy living here?

Visiting colleges during fall when school is in session truly allows you to make an informed decision based on whether or not you would fit into that particular campus culture.

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