Use Winter Break to Search for Colleges

I know that the last thing you want to hear while on a break from school is that you should do some studying for your future school, but don’t click away just yet, stick with me. During winter break, you don’t have to worry about tests or homework or school-based activities like sports or clubs. You’ve got two or three weeks off in order to recuperate and refresh yourself for the second half of the school year. That’s a lot of time to relax, and it’s also a lot of time you have to prepare.

Things to Do Over Winter Break: Search for Colleges!

Now, we’re not saying your entire break has to be dedicated to college searching, you’ve worked hard for this rest, after all. Even setting aside just an hour a day can help you in the long run. Let’s put it this way: would you rather squeeze researching colleges in with your regular busy life of an 8 hour school day, 2-hour after-school practices, and various family events, or would you rather research colleges with a freed schedule? Probably the latter, right?

Where Do You Start?

So, warm up some hot cocoa and boot up your computer! What you do during this college search time might depend on where you are in the college prep process. Are you cultivating your list of potential colleges? Use this time to narrow down your choices by researching the reputations of their major programs you’re interested in. Are you starting to hone the list and are now crafting applications? Use this time to see what each college requires of you in order to apply. Are you just now starting a list? Use this time to discover colleges that will be a good fit for you!

College Raptor can help speed this process along, and make it much easier too. Instead of collecting all this info from various college’s sites, you can just use one—the one you’re on right now! College Raptor has information on nearly every college in the United States—acceptance rates, ACT/SAT score averages, number of undergraduates, even popular majors, and much more!

College Raptor can even do fancy customized things, like: show you personalized college cost estimates (based on your financial situation), display acceptance odds (based on your GPA and test scores), and match you to colleges you may not have considered (based on a number of criteria like academic interests and campus preferences).

Let us help you with your college search—for FREE!

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