How To Set Your College Visit Expectations

Here are some tips on setting expectations for college visits.

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Campus visits are an important part of the college search process. A visit to a school can teach you much more about any college than what you would learn by simply browsing through their website. But, if this your first college visit, how do you know what to expect? What are your expectations, if you have any?How do you prepare for it so that you can get the maximum value from the experience?

Prepare Before Going

Doing your homework before the scheduled visit is the best way to prepare yourself and get the maximum value from the experience. Go through the college website and read through all details regarding their academic programs, non-academic activities, and other information. As you go through the site, make notes of questions you need to ask the faculty during your visit. Also, make a note of the facilities that you would like to check out during your visit.


Select Your Tour Type

Different colleges arrange their college visits differently. Most colleges offer guided tours on scheduled days. They also offer individual tours for those who cannot make it on those days. Most colleges also allow students to attend classes in session and stay overnight in the dorm. f you would like to attend a class, stay in the dormitory or visit the lab during your campus visit, you must first inquire about the formalities and send an email in advance requesting permission so you are not disappointed.

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