How Parents Can Help With The College Search Process (Without Being Overbearing)

Don't be overbearing parents in your student's college search process

Flickr user Christopher

Helping your student with the college search process can be quite challenging. You may feel you know which college is best suited for your child, but they may be thinking completely differently. The challenge lies in knowing how to continue supporting them without being overbearing parents.

Consider these few tips to not be overbearing parents in the process.

Let your child take charge of the process, while you act as a soundboard, providing guidance, advice, and solutions as and when necessary. While it is important for parents to participate in the college search process, it is equally that you should not be the one leading it.

Don’t be confrontational if you have an opinion that differs from your student. Accept the fact that their opinions and expectations may be quite different from yours.

Listen to your child’s point of view before imposing yours. They may like or not like a particular college for reasons that you may not have thought about.

Accompany your child on college visits. Give your students a chance to absorb it all in and form their own opinions, before giving yours.

Right through the process, encourage your child to speak their mind without fear of being judged or ridiculed.

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