Making a Vacation Out of a College Visit

Make your college visit into a vacation too!

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College visits are typically offered year-round, but two of the most popular options are during the fall and during the summer. The summer-months are free from school obligations, making them ideal for planning college visits, especially for schools farther from home.

But does going on college visits mean sacrificing summer vacation? Not necessarily. There are ways to enjoy both at the same time:

The Roadtrip

If the school your family is interested in visiting is far away, consider driving instead of flying. A good old fashioned road-trip is a great option for families who want quality time together while seeing the cross-country sights. You can even stop in at historical landmarks or other tourist destinations while driving.

Destination Vacation

Depending on where the college is located, there may be prime vacation spots nearby. For example, when my younger brother wanted to visit several schools in California, my whole family made a vacation of it. We’d schedule a visit, then go to the beach, schedule a visit, then tour a museum, schedule a visit, then enjoy a show. We’d spread out the college visits and tourist things over a long weekend, and everyone came away satisfied.

Explore the College Towns

Visiting nearby college towns should definitely be on your tour checklist. College towns are part of the overall experience and can play a large role in a student’s journey. Additionally, many college towns host summer festivals that can be fun for the whole family. Concerts, art shows, carnivals, and other entertainment can add great fun to your visit-vacation.

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