Keep These 3 Tips In Mind When Revisiting Your Choice Of Schools

Keep some things in mind when doing another campus visit

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If you receive multiple offers of admission, and all of them from your top college choices, you may find it difficult to pick one from among these. When this happens, it is a good idea to revisit all of the schools one more time before making your final decision.

The goal of this campus visit is different from the first visit. This time your goal is to get a closer look at life on each of the campuses. During your subsequent campus visit, these are a few things you should do to help you make the right decision.

Three Key To-Dos:

Attend a class in session to get a better idea of the size of the classes, the classroom environment and how the lectures are conducted. You’ll get an idea of what an average class may look like. 

Take a closer look at the dorm rooms and the food served in the cafeteria. Experience the town or community around the college. You won’t be spending every waking hour in the classroom, after all. Explore the surrounding area.

Talk to students on campus and ask them questions about the professors, advisors, admin staff, facilities, and anything else you want to know more about. When it comes to getting the real insight on what a college really is like, nothing beats asking the students. Unlike the tour guide and the college staff, they have no vested interest in showing you only the good side of the school.

If you can, try and stay on the campus overnight. It will give you a great perspective of what things will be like when you are living on the campus full time.

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