What Juniors Can Learn From Their Graduating Senior Friends

Ask your graduating senior friends for any high school junior advice

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As a high school junior, you are just one year away from making major decisions that will impact your adult life. Chief among them, which college to attend. There are numerous things you need to consider, from the cost of attendance, and the choice of major, to the location of the campus, and whether or not the characteristics of the school make it the right fit for you. That’s why you should ask your graduating senior friends for any high school junior advice.

Talk To Your Graduating Friends

Yes, you can find tons of information online. But, one of the best resources that you can tap into is closer home. It’s your graduating senior friends! They will have first-hand experiences with the whole college search and selection process and can give you valuable high school junior advice about what you should and shouldn’t do. Nothing beats getting advice from someone who had been down that path before. What’s more, these are people you know and who know you. They will be able to give you advice that is customized to your goals. You won’t get generalized advice that may not be of much use.

Learn from Their Experiences

Some things that you can learn from your graduation senior friends are about their experiences at various campus visits, tips for writing your essays, college prep advice, and most important of all, what mistakes to avoid.

Do you know a senior who has visited a college that is on your shortlist? Make sure to get detailed information about the campus! That includes atmosphere, faculty, students, housing options, food choices, and everything else you want to know about that school.

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