How To Prepare For A Summer College Visit

summer college campus visits

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While you can get most program details of any college from their website, it does not really give you a sense of the campus community. Summer college campus visits can give you valuable first-hand insight into how things really look and feel on campus. These few tips will help you prepare for your upcoming summer college campus visits.

Do Your Pre-Visit Homework

While the purpose of the college visit is to learn more about the college and its campus, students and faculty, you don’t want to show up on the appointed day knowing absolutely nothing. To get the most of your visit, it is important to know what to look for. The only way to do is by doing some pre-visit research.

Look At Their Social Media

Go through the college’s social media profiles, particularly their Facebook and Twitter accounts. On these sites, you will get up to date school news as well as a better sense of the interaction between students and faculty and the general campus vibe. You may come across some interesting facilities that you had not thought of earlier.

Don’t Forget to Take Notes

While doing your research, make lots of notes about things to want to know more about, the facilities you want to see, or classes you would like to attend during your college visit. Carry your notebook along when visiting the college so you don’t forget anything.

Also, make more notes about your observations during your visit. It makes it easier to remember everything, especially if you have planned multiple college visits. Don’t forget to take some pictures too! If you can’t take notes, taking pictures will also help you remember your tour better.

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