College Visit Pro Tip: Read A Student Newspaper

Student newspaper boxes

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Have an upcoming college visit planned? There are a number of things you should do while you’re there! Sit in on a class, talk to students, meet with faculty, dine in the cafeteria, and spend a night in the dormThere’s one more thing you should add to that list while you are at it. Pick up and read a student newspaper.

Why Bother to Read a Student Newspaper During College Search or Visit?

A student newspaper is the one publication on campus that is uncensored by faculty. Student newspapers are written and published solely by students to update their peers about what’s happening around campus.

You’ll get a good idea of the vibe within the community, the various issues that students of the school are facing, and whether the majority of students are generally happy with the college.

Learn More About the College

As you go through the newspaper, you may also learn some things that weren’t featured in the website or tour.

On your campus visit, pick up a student newspaper. You can find them in common areas of the campus. You’ll be surprised at the insider information you will find within the pages of a student newspaper. It may impact your decision to attend that particular school.

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