How To Be An Active Participant During Your College Visit

Here are some active participation tips to use during your college visits

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College visits are an important part of the college search process. They allow you to get a closer look at your shortlisted colleges so you can determine whether or not a particular institution is a good fit for you. However, simply visiting various colleges isn’t enough. You need active participation in order to make the most of the experience.

Here are some tips on active participation on college visits:

Do your research

Do your research before visiting any college and make notes about anything that stands out and which you would like to take a look at while touring the campus. Also, make notes on anything you are not clear about so you can get the necessary clarifications in person on your visit.

Take notes

While you are on the college campus, refer to your notes and ask questions, check out the facilities, and make notes about everything you see, and more importantly, how you feel about what you see.

Meet professors

Try and meet up with the professor who will be taking the class in the major you are interested in. It’s a great way to introduce yourself and form a connection even before the semester begins. If you can, sit in on a class too. Go one step further and speak to other students in the class.

Check out student organizations

Attending a sporting event or participating in a club meeting are great ways not just to demonstrate your interest in those activities but to also help you make more informed decisions.

Ask for contact information

Get the contact details of the tour guide and all other faculty members who may have helped you or answered your questions during your day on campus so you can send them short thank you notes after you get home.

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