More Bizarre College Majors

You already know about these 5 bizarre college majors. Well, the list is much longer than that. We’ve found a few more bizarre majors for you to look through. If you have not been able to find something that interests you from among the common majors, you may find one that piques your interest in this list.


Offered By: Harrisburg Area Community College

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Being an auctioneer is much more challenging than you would imagine. Auctioneers do much more than just bang the gavel when an item is sold. Their job also involves acquiring merchandise for auction, gauging its quality and authenticity, appraising it, and following the due legal processes required for the actual auction itself. All of these critical components are covered in this auctioneering course.

Of course, you’ll also learn to talk like an auctioneer, which is, not surprisingly, the most popular component of this major.

Citrus Farming

Offered By: Florida Southern College

Citrus growing is serious business, especially in Florida. Students opting for this course are taught the A-Z of Citrus farming—planting, irrigation, management of weeds, maintenance, fertilizer application, identification of pests affecting citrus species, and several other aspects including, but not limited to, creating hybrids, creating conditions conducive to growth and optimal production in various citrus species, etc.

Students who complete this major have prospects in citrus production companies, processing plants, fertilizer and pesticide companies, and citrus research facilities.

Mortuary Science

Offered By: University of the District of Columbia

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While Mortuary Science sounds very macabre, it is a genuine major with a legitimate demand in the real world. Students who enroll in this program master the various aspects of funeral services such as embalming and disposition, the laws associated with funeral services, anatomy and physiology of the human body, the history, and sociology of funeral services among others.

This course is focused on helping students to develop skills that are required to achieve the desired standards of care while dealing with the deceased while being cognizant of the religious and cultural sensitivities of various religious and ethnic groups.

Those who complete this course gain employment in funeral homes, medical schools, hospitals, and coroner offices.

Canadian Studies

Offered By: Duke University, SUNY Plattsburgh, John Hopkins University, University of Vermont

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Canada is considered America’s good-natured neighbor. But most people don’t seem to know much about it except for the common stereotypes. Thus the Canadian Studies major, which highlights the politics, history, culture, and economy of Canada, is relevant, even if it is unusual.

It is a great choice for students interested in History, or those interested in teaching at universities in Canada or wishing to work in museums or government councils.

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