2 Tips For Choosing A Major That Is Aligned With Your Choice Of Career

Considering the time and money you will be investing in your college education it is vital that you choose the right major that is aligned with your choice of career. Sure, you can switch your major, but that can be an expensive decision, not to mention the time you would have spent studying a subject that may have no relevance to your career choices. Keep these tips in mind when you are choosing your college major:

Stacks of books in a library.

Tip #1: Consider your areas of interest and your choice of career

Think about the type of place you would like to work in. Outdoors? In an office? With computers? With wild animals? Are you a people person or do you prefer to work behind the scenes or maybe in a lab? Drill it down as much as possible to identify a major that is most appropriate.

Tip #2: Are you prepared to put in the required study time

Some careers, such as doctors and college professors require advanced degrees, which means you will need to put in several years of study beyond your bachelor’s degrees. Is this something that you are prepared to do? If the additional study years do not factor in your long term plans, you may want to reconsider your options.

Exploring the answers to the above tips will help you when you’re choosing a college major that is most aligned with your choice of career.

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