5 Colleges with the Most Students Involved in Greek Life 

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If you are keen on getting involved in Greek life as a college student, then the presence or absence of fraternities may be a major deciding factor for you when making your college shortlist. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of colleges in the US, which have the most students involved in Greek life.

DePauw University

DePauw University has earned a spot at the top of this list with 25 fraternities and sororities within the Greek System and as many as 79% students participating in Greek life. Greek life has existed in this college since 1845.

Washington and Lee University

Located in Lexington, VA, Washington and Lee University comes a close second with 25 fraternities and sororities and 73% students involved in Greek life.

Sewanee–University of the South

Sewanee, University of the South has 70% students involved in 20 different fraternities and sororities. These are part of the over 100 on-campus student organizations.

Wabash College

Greek life is very popular at this all-men’s liberal arts college, located in Crawfordsville, IN. 65% of the students at Wabash College participate in the fraternity program.

Millsaps College

Not very far behind Wabash College is Millsaps College with 61% students involved in Greek life. The main focus of the Greek organizations at this college is community service and members participate in numerous high-profile fundraising events through the year.

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