3 Unexpected College Fees You Should Know About

When you think of college costs, your mind may first go to tuition, room and board, and books. However, there can be other minor costs included that you may not have previously thought about. These can be referred to in a number of ways, and cover various “perks” you can receive as a student. So what are some college fees?

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Athletic Fee

A common one might be called an athletic fee. This is typically a fee to cover some athletic events for students, but certainly not all. This does not necessarily include big-ticketed sporting events, so keep that in mind.


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Building Fee

Another typical fee charged to students is a building fee. This generally is to cover the cost of the maintenance of buildings on campus, which often need year-round upkeep. Some schools even include a kind of sustainability or “green” fee to cover costs as the school works to lower its carbon footprint.

Technology Fee

A technology fee may be included so students can freely take advantage of the services provided to assist them with personal computers, school technology, access to online research journals, and everything else encompassed in that area. It can’t hurt to ask for a detailed list of typical fees for a college when you are considering all of your options, just to see where your money would go.

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