A student’s EFC is a critical data point in successful enrollment efforts. FinanceFirst® is College Raptor’s early EFC estimation tool that enables you to get ahead of the competition and transform your strategy to achieve your goals.

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Key Features and Benefits

Personalized estimates for every student

College Raptor can provide personalized EFC estimates for every prospect, inquiry and applicant in your database - well before they file the FAFSA. By using aggregated financial data based on the student’s location, we can give you this important information earlier than ever before.

Tailor your communications

Have more effective conversations about affordability earlier in the recruitment process. When you can predict a student’s financial situation, you can better segment your communications about cost and aid, and deliver the right messages to the right students to increase conversions and enrollment.

Create better forecasts and strategies

Incorporating EFC data for all of your prospective students into your funnel analysis will give you deeper insights and better understanding. You’ll have the resources to develop more accurate forecasts and identify more opportunities for strategic outreach.

College Raptor’s proprietary early estimation tool for student EFC provides you with valuable information about your prospective students that can transform your enrollment operations and give you a truly unique, competitive edge. Learn more about our one-of-a-kind service by requesting a demo today. 

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