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Connecting career planning to college searching
Some students know what they want to study. Others have a dream career in mind. And some don’t have a solid idea of either. College Raptor’s Career Finder Tool makes it easy to:
  • explore careers and discover colleges that are a great fit for a particular career
  • obtain information about the number of job openings
  • see typical salaries for a given career field
  • know education level required for a certain career
  • understand the necessary skills
  • discover careers growing in specified states

All of this knowledge, in one database, for over 1,100 careers.

“Our main focus now should be getting students ‘To and Through College.’ It is critical for students to understand their career options so they can point their compasses to the right education at the start of the college search process. We regularly use College Raptor and the new Careers Center will further support developing an even clearer road map to life for our students.”
Nick Siler College & Career Advisor, The Howard School, Chattanooga, TN.

Connecting you with the college and career that are right for you

Research indicates* that early career planning leads to better educational outcomes and ultimately, career success. Students that make college and academic major decisions based on career choice are more likely to graduate on time and earn higher salaries. Not only does this tool help you map out your future, but we provide information to help you decide if a career path is right for you by showing:
  • Skills often found in the given career field
  • Knowledge that required for that career path
  • Key talents and abilities that people generally carry for a field
  • Activities that you will likely do on the job
  • And related occupations
*Source: Education-Career Planning and Middle School Counselors. Jerry Trusty, Spencer G. Niles and JoLynn V. Carney (2005):
Planning for success: Graduates’ career planning and its effect on graduate outcomes Research report March 2017. Jan Shury, David Vivian, Catherine Turner, Christabel Downing – IFF Research. Planning for success: Graduates’ career planning and its effect on graduate outcomes (

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Accurate information from reliable sources

Our tool includes data from the Department of Labor, Department of Education and incorporates College Raptor’s best-in-the-industry:
  • College cost engine
  • College rankings
  • And data analytics.
All of which identifies which colleges will best prepare students for their career of choice.

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