Morgan Staub


Morgan Staub is a recent graduate of the State University of New York at Geneseo, where he majored in English Literature. He served as visual arts editor for Geneseo's acclaimed literary journal, Gandy Dancer, and was the first place recipient of the school's 2017 Lucy Harmon Writing Award in Literary Fiction.

How The ACT Is Scored

The ACT standardized test is often lauded for providing to prospective college students an alternative to the traditional SAT, a test that has been infamous in culture for decades for its longevity and supposed difficulty. Originally standing for “American College Test,” the ACT now goes only by its acronym and sets itself up as a …

4 Career Paths That Can Get Your Student Loans Forgiven

Officers lined up on snowy weather. student loans
The skyrocketing cost of college tuition has become a major problem for those hoping to obtain a degree from a four-year school. Many students have found alternative methods of payment through student loans, with much of that money coming from the Federal Direct loan program. According to a 2012 study, 71% of all students graduating from four-year …

4 Strategies For Balancing Your Online MBA & Your Life

Here are a few tips for students to balance their life and MBA. online colleges
One of the biggest problems online graduate students run into when pursuing an online MBA is balancing their academic schedule with their personal life. Since many students forego the traditional route of business school in favor of the more flexible online experience, the option of setting their own schedule is obviously one of the more …

Alternative Jobs for a Master’s of Education Graduate

What are some jobs for teachers other than teaching? online colleges
Before pursuing a graduate degree, prospective students face several questions. That includes internal, rhetorical or outside questions. Is this degree worth the money? What can be done with it? Is this a practical field to spend this much money and time getting in to? Of course, the answers to these questions are heavily dependent on …

Are SAT Test Prep Classes Worth The Money?

Here are some ACT math test prep tips for you on your test day! ACT & SAT
In recent years, SAT prep classes have become a lucrative business. Companies and corporations such as The Princeton Review, Kaplan Inc., and Sylvan Learning Inc. are growing steadily, providing test services for a larger and larger number of students. In addition to the larger companies, several local, private SAT tutors have popped up in nearly …

Why Students Should Take Test Prep Courses

A student holding a textbook open. ACT & SAT
When test day arrives, students will line up by the masses, clutching sharpened #2 pencils and bottles of water, stomachs filled with butterflies. Every student that enters the testing area will be experiencing some form of anxiety, some small mental roadblock that they will need to overcome in order to be successful. They will need …

3 Reasons to Get Your Master of Art Degree in Teaching (MAT Degree) Online

Here are a few reasons to get your MAT degree online. online colleges
For years, many have wondered if graduate school is “worth it”. The additional years of schooling while peers are already out in the so-called “real world”, the hefty price tag, and the grueling certification tests make even the most ambitious of graduate students question their decision. However, ultimately, there is no question that a graduate …

The Benefits of Getting Your BBA Online

A student holding a mouse and a pen while sitting in front of a computer monitor. online colleges
As the digital age continues to rise, aspiring college graduates have turned to online courses to follow their fields of study. According to a 2012 study by Babson, it is estimated that 33% of all college students were enrolled in at least one online class. Some may find that taking one or two classes online …

4 Reasons to Take the PSAT

You should take the PSAT for these four reasons ACT & SAT
It happens that the “P” in “PSAT” officially stands for “preliminary,” but it could just as well stand for “preview” or “preparation.” And you should take the PSAT! The PSAT offers students an opportunity to sharpen their skills in preparation for the actual SAT. The test is understandably held at a level of importance high …