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There are some soundtracks that are designed to have a positive affect on your brain. You can find them on Spotify
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How Your Spotify Playlist Can Help You Ace Your Next Test

A student’s backpack generally includes things like highlighters, pens, books, paper, a laptop, a water bottle, snacks of some kind, and their headphones. These things are all supposed to help create an environment to maximize memorization and concentration. Clearly things like paper, pens and a laptop are necessities for studying. Even snacks and water are …
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13 of The Weirdest College Traditions

There are strange things happening at college campuses across the country. Students are nailing their shoes to trees, howling at the moon, and kissing statue’s bums with no one giving these weird pastimes a second thought. From the outside looking in, there is no way to explain these odd acts. But, college traditions are a …
Here are the 10 best college music festivals.
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10 Best College Music Festivals

One of the most amazing aspects of going to college is the availability of new experiences for students. Through on-campus organizations, leadership opportunities, classwork, and events, colleges aim to help broaden students’ horizons. Many colleges across the country throw festivals as a way to celebrate all of the hard work that their students do.  Over …