Top Marketing/Marketing Management, General Bachelors degree Programs - 2020

Much more than just getting a product to sell, marketing is the study of consumer and market behavior and the task of reacting to both. Professionals determine prices, create campaigns, work with both businesses and clients, and oversee sale operations. Students who apply to this major will learn about the relationship between manufacturer and buyer, the most effective advertising methods, research successful (and unsuccessful) products, and study international markets.

As marketing is a field that covers a range of topics, courses are equally diverse. Classes can include: consumer behavior, global marketing, logistic strategies, sales management, and marketing research, among others. Students typically create a portfolio of their best work, complete internships, and work in teams. Those attracted towards the major tend to be both creative and analytical, are persuasive, and are leaders.

After graduation, marketing majors can pursue a career in a number of areas. Jobs can include: research analyst, brand/project manager, online retailing, advertising manager, and public relations among others. Marketing professionals are responsible for overseeing several aspects of a business or product, and when they excel at their jobs, everybody wins.

Marketing fun fact: The first Coca-Cola ad appeared in 1886.

Celebrities who studied Marketing: Eva Mendes, actress, model; Kevin Nealon, comedian, screenwriter; Chris O’Donnell, actor; Wanda Sykes, comedian, actress.

The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Marketing/Marketing Management, General is $44,150

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