Top Music, General Bachelors degree Programs - 2020

It’s arguable that for as long as there has been people, there has been music. The music major sets out to study music from all parts and times of the globe, learn the rich and diverse history of the craft, practice and perform on a myriad of musical platforms, and seek a greater understanding about how music affects our lives. This major has plentiful specializations, including: conducting, music history, music composition, and performance.

As a performance art field, the music major does focus heavily on performance and music as a craft, but there is also a strong focus on history. Courses within the major are as varied as the types of music students will learn about. Classes can include: music in world cultures, instrumentation, German diction, Romanticism in music, conducting, and aural skills. Students in the major both attend and perform in numerous recitals, spend much time practicing, and explore beyond what music they’re familiar with. Music majors must have a passion for music, but also tend to enjoy performance arts like theatre, orchestra, choir, among others.

Students of the major can have their love of music sparked from any number of sources; from show choir to musical theatre, from marching band to classical symphony, from the Beatles to Beyoncé. Graduates of the major go on to musically diverse careers such as: orchestra conductors, band or choir teachers, musical theatre performers, and singer-songwriters. They say music is an art that transcends language, and musicians know just how powerful their art is, has been, and can be.

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Celebrities who studied Music:
Felicia Day, actress; John Williams, composer; Lady Gaga, musician; Eric Whitacre, composer; Joey Kramer, drummer — Aerosmith; Alicia Keys, musician.

The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Music, General is $39,100

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