Top Photography Bachelors degree Programs - 2020

To say all it takes is a point and a click to capture a picture would be an incredible disservice to the amount of focus, effort, and study that goes into photography. Photographers do much more than take pretty pictures, they capture snapshots of the world around us, preserve revolutionary moments, and provide images that encapsulate both human spirit and the wonder of the natural world. Students who become photography majors will learn what it takes to craft the perfect photo, focusing on light, color balance, and composition.

Though courses for the major do favor artistic subjects, there are a number of computer based focuses as well. Classes can include: digital photography, 2D design, photojournalism, and art history, among others. Students also tend to visit art galleries, create a diverse portfolio, experiment with different cameras and techniques, and display work in showcases. Photography students are generally artistic, have an eye for detail, are patient, willing to adapt, and are visual thinkers.

Careers for graduates are as varied as the subjects they’ll capture through their lenses. Jobs can include: portrait photographers, photojournalists, multimedia specialists, advertising photographers, wedding photographers, and museum gallery workers. By saving a moment in time, photographers give generations to come a chance to view anything from a natural phenomenon to a historic event.

Photography fun fact: The famous V-J Day in Times Square photograph, of an American sailor kissing a young woman, was taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Celebrities who studied Photography: Maya Rudolph, actress, comedian; Selma Blair, actress; Gillian Welch, singer-songwriter.

The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Photography is $38,000

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