Top Graphic Design Bachelors degree Programs - 2020

Graphic designers create anything from company logos to websites, from cereal boxes to Hollywood blockbuster merchandise. Graphic designers work to create content people are not only going to see, but remember. They focus on aesthetic, pleasing color palettes, and keeping up with the latest visual trends. Students who wish to pursue graphic design will learn about advertising, multimedia applications, and business communication.

While courses within the major do focus heavily on art, they also have a strong lean towards computer skills. Classes can include: 3D graphics, animation, web design, photography, computer aided design (CAD), and drawing. Graphic design students are typically artistic, imaginative, persistent, organized, and comfortable with computers.

Some graphic designers work successfully as freelancers, hiring out their skills to various companies, but there are other opportunities to work as graphic designer in businesses such as: newspapers, museums, advertising agencies, websites, and numerous others. Whenever we drive by billboards on the highway, flip to an ad in a magazine, or see company logos on business cards, we’re looking at the work of a graphic designer.

Graphic Design fun fact: The boy silhouetted in the Dreamworks logo is the son of the graphic artist hired to create the design.

Celebrities who studied Graphic Design:
Paul Walker, actor; Samuel L. Jackson, actor; John Steinbeck, author.

The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design is $41,200

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