Top Interior Design Bachelors degree Programs - 2020

Whether it’s a house or a business, a restaurant or a movie theater, interior designers always keep lighting, acoustics, color palettes, style, and customer satisfaction in mind when decorating any space. Interior design majors will learn about more than just color and textile matching, but also how to best represent themes, navigate deadlines, and how to transform a vision into a space.

Courses for the major are just as much about art and aesthetic as they are about computer skills and history style trends. Classes can include: design theory, furniture and architectural history, interior lighting design, computer aided drafting and design, space planning, and contract interior design. Students who wish to pursue this major tend to be artistic, creative, persistent, analytical, and organized.

There are specializations within the field of interior design including: floor plans, textiles, lighting and sound design, and building materials among others. Graduates seek out careers that envelop any number of focuses. Designers can have a preference for designing residential homes, business offices, sporting stadiums, theaters, public service buildings, and schools. Interior designers have the task of balancing functionality with style when designing their projects.

Interior Design fun fact: During the Baroque period, artistic details were emphasized and exaggerated in order to give spaces a sense of drama and grandeur.

Celebrities who studied Interior Design: Courteney Cox, actress.

The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Interior Design is $39,600

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