Top Fashion/Apparel Design Bachelors degree Programs - 2020

Much more than simply designing pretty dresses, fashion design is the science and art behind creating original clothing items and accessories. Designers work hard to create trends and wearable works of art. Students will study the qualities of specific fabrics, learn about the history of the industry, and gain a greater appreciation for how technical fashion design is.

Courses for the major cover a wide variety of topics. Classes can include: color and design theory, fashion sketching, textile fibers and fabrics, apparel construction techniques, computer-aided design, and fashion history. Students in the major will likely graduate with a portfolio of designs and original pieces. Those drawn to the major tend to be artistic, creative, technical, and detail-oriented.

Fashion is constantly evolving, and with numerous applications and different types of apparel, graduates can pursue a number of careers. Jobs can include: costume designer for film, children’s attire designer, or jewelry designer, to name just a few. Fashion professionals create clothes for every occasion, formal or casual. They also clothe adults, teens, children, babies, the elderly, and everyone in between in all different kinds of styles.

Fashion Design fun fact: In Ancient Rome, the only people allowed to wear the color purple were emperors and magistrates.

Celebrities who studied Fashion Design: Marc Jacobs, fashion designer; Tom Ford, fashion designer; Antonio Banderas, actor (plans to study).

The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Fashion/Apparel Design is $43,775

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