Top Anthropology Bachelors degree Programs - 2020

Defined as the study of humans and primates, anthropology is a field all about history and sociology. Anthropologists study how different groups of humans functioned and interacted with other groups. A diverse field, anthropology can cover topics from prehistoric archeology to modern forensic pathology. Students of the major will learn about the evolution of social structures, research different peoples and cultures throughout time, and how the human body has evolved.  

Classes for the anthropology major focus heavily on history, humanity, and relationships. Courses can include: ethnicity and identity, biology and evolution, gender experiences, world cultures, and medical anthropology among others. Students attracted to the major tend to be adventurous, interested in human behavior, observant, enthusiastic, and open-minded.

As mentioned earlier, anthropology has a vast array of concentrated areas. Some focuses include: forensic anthropology, paleoanthropology, cultural studies, and international development among countless others. Not only do anthropologists seek to understand humanity’s physical and social evolution, but also how we interact and adapt to the world around us today.

Anthropology fun fact: Sub-Saharan Africa contains most of the genetic diversity in the human race.

Celebrities who studied Anthropology: Kurt Vonnegut, author; Dax Shepard, actor; Glenn Close, actress; Jeff Corwin, wildlife conservationist; Jane Goodall, anthropologist, author; Yo Yo Ma, musician; Hugh Laurie, actor.

The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Anthropology is $39,900

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