Top Environmental Psychology Masters degree Programs - 2023

A program that focuses on the study of behavioral interactions between human beings and the environment in individual and group contexts, and ways to improve them. Includes instruction in contextual theory; statistics; physiological, social, and psychological responses to natural and technological hazards and disease; environmental perception and cognition; loneliness and stress; and psychological aspects of environmental design and planning.

For all the 12 degrees granted in Environmental Psychology annually, the majority of them are Post masters certificate. Of the 4 students earning degrees at the Masters degree level in the US, 25% percent identify as men and 75% percent identify as women. While students at schools all over the US study Environmental Psychology, New York has the most graduates. The average annual income for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Psychology is $44,000.

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How popular is a Masters degree in Environmental Psychology in NY

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4 degrees awarded
Masters degree in Environmental Psychology makes up 0.14% of all Masters degree awarded in New York

Top Colleges for Environmental Psychology

If you want to major in Environmental Psychology, then you should consider applying to CUNY Graduate School and University Center! This institution awards around 4 degrees at the Masters degree level in Environmental Psychology per year.

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Careers for Environmental Psychology Majors

The highest paying job for Environmental Psychology majors is Psychologists, All Other. However, something else to think about is how much demand there is for certain jobs. A job that is in high need that a degree in Environmental Psychology can prepare you for is Psychologists, All Other.

Top Paying Careers for Environmental Psychology

  1. Psychologists, All Other   (Median Wage: $110,550)

Most in Demand Careers for Environmental Psychology

  1. Psychologists, All Other
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