Top Clinical Psychology Bachelors degree Programs - 2020

One of the many branches of psychology, clinical psychology is the professional practice of diagnosing, analyzing, and treating psychological disorders. Clinical psych professionals can help their clients modify behaviors, lead group therapy sessions, and help people make changes for the better. Those who apply to the major will learn about childhood psychological development problems, how to utilize the latest therapy techniques, and how to identify certain disorders among many other topics.

Courses for the major can include classes like: cognitive therapy, abnormal psychology, addiction, social psychology, and behavioral neuroscience. The major is research and writing focused, so students can expect to write a number of papers. Those drawn to clinical psychology tend to be compassionate, interested in what makes people tick, are social, open-minded, and enjoy helping others.

Upon graduation, students of the major can pursue a number of different career options related to clinical psychology. Jobs can include: therapist, correctional officer, youth counselor, case worker, and probation officer. The human mind is a complex thing, and sometimes it needs help; luckily clinical psychologists dedicate themselves to understanding the mind and providing help to those in need.

Clinical Psychology fun fact: The music you listen to can have an impact on your perception of things.

Celebrities who studied Clinical Psychology: Dr. Phil, TV personality, author; Jonathan Kellerman, author; Neil Clark Warren, co-founder of eHarmony.

The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology is $44,000

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