Top Environmental Science Bachelors degree Programs - 2019

With the threat of global warming more pressing than ever, more and more attention gets shown to the field of environmental science. Professionals in the field study everything from acid rain to the hole in the ozone layer. As the study of how physical and biological processes that make up the world interact, environmental science is dedicated to understanding and coming up with solutions for environmental problems. Students who apply to the major will learn about how natural elements and man-made chemicals affect each other, come up with creative solutions to issues like river pollution, and how to live with environmental conservation in mind.

As a multidisciplinary field, environmental science combines biology, chemistry, and geology. Courses for the major may include: atmosphere and weather, physical geology, hydrology, Earth’s climatic history, forest ecosystems management, and environmental resources. As a highly diverse field, there are several specializations within environmental science; students often pick a focus before graduation. Students drawn to the major tend to enjoy the outdoors, are detail-oriented, out-of-the-box thinkers, and are interested in many types of science.

With so many specializations, students of the major can pursue a career in many different areas, including: wildlife biology, oceanography, ecology, climatology, environmental engineer, biostatistics, and meteorology, among many others. Environmental scientists from all fields of study play a vital role in understanding the world around us, learning about how humans have affected the Earth, and making strides for change.

Environmental Science fun fact: The amount of water on Earth never changes; at some point you probably drank the same water a dinosaur did.

Celebrities who studied Environmental Science: Lowell Bailey, athlete.

The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science is $43,300

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