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An instructional program that prepares individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to engineering problems involving marrying or coordinating multiple dissimilar systems to carry out single functions or achieve common purposes, organizing system components for maximum flexibility and utility, planning engineering projects involving multiple tasks and design solutions, planning design testing and evaluation procedures, resolving specification and requirement conflicts, and choosing among competing theoretical solutions. Note: this program was re-instated after being deleted from CIP 2000; previously, it was coded as 14.2901.

For all the 90 degrees awarded in Engineering Design annually, the majority of them are Masters degree. Out of the 5 students graduating with degrees at the Doctors degree research scholarship level in the US, 40% percent identify as women and 60% percent identify as men. While students at schools all over the country study Engineering Design, Florida has the most graduates. The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Engineering Design is $51,600.

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5 degrees awarded
Doctors degree research scholarship in Engineering Design makes up 2.84% of all Doctors degree research scholarship awarded in Florida

Top Colleges for Engineering Design

If you want to major in Engineering Design, then you should consider attending Florida Institute of Technology! This institution grants approximately 5 degrees at the Doctors degree research scholarship level in Engineering Design every year.

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Careers for Engineering Design Majors

For Engineering Design majors, some of the most in demand careers include Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary, Engineers, All Other and Architectural and Engineering Managers. Additionally, Engineering Design graduates may land a top paying job, such as Architectural and Engineering Managers or Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary.

Top Paying Careers for Engineering Design

  1. Architectural and Engineering Managers   (Median Wage: $131,770)
  2. Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary   (Median Wage: $99,110)
  3. Engineers, All Other   (Median Wage: $98,970)
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