Top Speech Teacher Education Associates degree Programs - 2023

Speech Teacher Education programs prepare individuals to teach speech and language arts programs at various educational levels.

Of the 4 Speech Teacher Education degrees granted each year at the Associates degree level, men make up 0% percent and women make up 100% percent of the field of study. Did you know that Mississippi has more students being awarded a degree in Speech Teacher Education than any other state in the US? In fact, Mississippi awarded 4 degrees last year! The average annual income for an undergraduate degree in Speech Teacher Education is $35,300.

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How popular is an Associates degree in Speech Teacher Education in MS

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4 degrees awarded
Associates degree in Speech Teacher Education makes up 0.18% of all Associates degree awarded in Mississippi

Top Colleges for Speech Teacher Education

If you’re interested in studying Speech Teacher Education, then you should think about applying to Itawamba Community College! This school grants about 4 degrees at the Associates degree level in Speech Teacher Education annually.

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