Top Education, General Bachelors degree Programs - 2020

If children are the future, then educators are the ones who hold the keys to that future. Teachers of all kinds making life-long impacts in the lives of the students they teach. Those wishing to pursue education as a career will learn how to effectively communicate, research different types of teaching methods, and select an education focus.

There are as many courses as there are types of educators. Requirements vary considerably depending on the focus, but classes can include: math/science/history/english curriculum, child development, special education methods, and classroom management, among others. Prior to getting their license, education students have a multitude of opportunities to gain experience in the classroom.  Through practicum, student teaching, and volunteer work, students learn by doing. People who wish to be educators tend to be compassionate, patient, interested in their particular subject focus, and have likely had one, or multiple, important teachers in their lifetime.

As previously mentioned, there are a vast array of careers for educators. Jobs can include: elementary/middle/high school teacher, college professor, special education instructor, education administrator, and many others. Education is an invaluable gift, and teachers give it their all to ensure that their students learn all that they can.

Education fun fact: Boston’s Latin School is the oldest public school in the US. Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams all attended.

Celebrities who studied Education: Gene Simmons, musician — Kiss; Judy Blume, author; Reba McEntire, singer-songwriter, actress.

The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Education, General is $37,307

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