Top Computer Science Bachelors degree Programs - 2020

Computer science is a relatively new but blossoming area of study, becoming more and more relevant as technology advances and becomes more integrated into business and daily life. Students who wish to pursue a computer science major will learn how to design websites, develop and test software, and debug programs. Utilizing their problem solving skills, students will work both individually and in teams to learn more about the science behind computers.

Computer science students will focus heavily on courses relating to mathematics and science. Classes include: calculus, computer theory, data logic, design physics, machine language, operating systems, and even artificial intelligence. Those who wish to pursue computer science tend to be self-motivated, focused, patient, and persistent, interested in math, science, the history of technology, and the relationship between man and machine.

As technology becomes more and more integrated with business, computer science majors can pick from careers such as: computer programmers, web developers, information security analysts, or database administrators among a variety of other rewarding careers. Computer scientists provided the much needed connection between humanity and technology, offering their skills to translate, code, and program the ever-growing digital world.

Computer Science fun fact: The first computer “bug” was a dead moth stuck in a Harvard Mark II computer in 1947.

Celebrities who studied Computer Science: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook; Jimmy Fallon, comedian/late-night talk show host; Liam Neeson, actor; Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix.

The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science is $62,633

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