We use data to bring transparency and efficiency to student recruitment and financial aid

College Raptor helps colleges and universities understand and use data to make strategy marketing, recruitment and financial aid decisions

College Raptor's unique ability to match students and colleges based on academic profile, cultural fit, and estimated net price sets it apart from other online college search tools.

The underlying logic of our system enables us to partner with colleges for enhanced lead generation, early aid estimates, customized net price calculators, automated award letter development, and competitive pricing analytics.

Enrollment Management Services

Students use the College Raptor matching platform to discover which schools are their best academic, cultural and financial matches

Enhanced Lead Generation

College Raptor is the only site that can match students and colleges on the three major pillars of enrollment: academic profile, cultural fit, and net price. As a result, students using our site can start their college search process and quickly determine which schools they’d like to further investigate.

Once students find their matches, they can request additional information from colleges and what personal information (demographic, academic, cultural, and financial) they wish to share with their matching colleges. Institutions that partner with College Raptor can directly receive those data-rich leads and immediately respond to actively interested students.

Provide earlier price estimates for prospective students to overcome price sensitivity and sticker shock


College Raptor's one-of-a-kind early estimation tool provides a customized net price for any prospective student. With only a student's basic academic metrics and address, FinanceFirst will be able to estimate the prospective student's individual merit and need-based aid.

Institutions are able improve their communications with prospective students to generate and sustain interest. With this customized estimate, prospective students can avoid the "sticker shock" often associated with an institution's listed price. Students will be more likely to respond positively to messaging when presented with a customized estimate of their net price, resulting in greater conversion rates throughout the enrollment funnel.

Our customized net price calculators are simple and intuitive for users, plus feature customized, integrated responsive design to work on all devices

Customized Net Price Calculators

College Raptor's advanced data modeling techniques enable our site to accurately estimate the net price for every prospective student at every four-year institution in the United States. Our team can easily translate that capability, along with our unique tiered-entry data approach, to any college's website to meet the federal government's net price calculator requirement.

Additionally, institutions who partner with College Raptor will see an improvement in the accuracy of their estimated net price on the College Raptor site, creating stronger student/college matching results.

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Students and families can instantly receive automated award letters generated by College Raptor from integration with Net Price Calculators and other technologies

Automated Award Letters

In conjunction with College Raptor's customized Net Price Calculators, our technology can generate on-demand award letters for prospective students that comply with current standardized data and formats. Colleges can use the tool to develop printer-friendly award letters to be generated as either a single-page Web document or Abobe PDF file.

Our tools and data can help guide strategic decisions for your campus


With a focus on improving yield rates, College Raptor has developed a tool to help institutions determine what other colleges their admitted students are likely considering. Using our advanced data models, College Raptor can also estimate each admitted student's net price at these competing schools to quickly provide strategic insight to shape your awarding strategy for every individual student.

It's not just about a student's academic or financial profile, we dig into the specifics for every student. As a result, institutions can proactively develop competitive award offers designed to improve yield while meeting enrollment and net revenue goals.